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Expert hydraulic equipment supplier with over 30 years experience

We are a Hydraulic fittings and equipment supplier that has developed over 30 years of business; we supply many business sectors, from supplying the public, to Blue Chip Companies all around the globe.


Build your very own power pack in minutes

Using our assembly creation for custom power packs, you can design and create a power pack which will suit the exact requirements you need.

Need help on designing? Our experienced and knowledgeable team of hydraulic power packs, are on hand to help you every step of the way!

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Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic Megastore is well known for it’s extensive technical knowledge and customer support, putting the main focus on service as well as offering
a slick and streamlines way of purchasing hydraulic products, including a vast range of hydraulic fittings.

We are also known for the original, best and very popular Custom Hose Builder, as well as our Custom Power Pack Builder which enables designers and
engineers the ability to build and order custom hoses and power packs in just a few clicks, thus meaning fewer emails, fewer phone calls and a smoother ordering process.

We work very close with some of the top leading suppliers and manufactures around the world, meaning we have the flexibility to supply, stock and ship from either our
warehouse here in North East Lincolnshire, or to ship products from our suppliers.

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