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Hydraulic Thread Identification Help

One of the toughest parts about working with hydraulic fittings is identifying the thread type and size that you have. There are more than 30 different thread types and some of them look very similar at a glance, it can definitely be tricky to identify your fitting correctly. So that’s where our Hydraulic Thread Identification information can help.

We quite often speak to customers on the telephone who aren’t sure which thread they’ve got in front of them and it’s always a struggle to try and help over the phone alone. We hope that this Hydraulic Thread Identification document can help alleviate this problem and become the first port of call when trying to identify an unknown thread, something everyone can use as a quick reference if you’re not very familiar with hydraulic fittings, or if you come across a more uncommon part that you’ve never seen before.

If you’re still having issues after looking through this document, you can always get in touch with the Hydraulic Megastore team and have your questions answered.

*Please note that we have made every effort to make sure that the information within this document is accurate, however, we recommend that you only use this information as a guide.

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