50 > 400 Bar Adjustable - 600 Bar Max, Normally Closed PRODUCT CODE - K4YCF1

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Product Description

Fox K4 Series Adjustable Pressure Switches from Hydraulic Megastore
K4 adjustable pressure switches permit opening or closing of an electric circuit upon reaching a predetermined pressure value. The pre-set pressure is found by rotating the external screw located at the centre of the instrument clockwise to increase and vice-versa to decrease the pressure set point value.

Mechanical stops protect both the spring and the micro-switch from over pressurisation. The main characteristic of this series is that this miniature pressure switch can be totally dismantled.

Technical Features

Body: 24mm hexagonal in zinc-plated carbon steel
Assembly: In every position
Working temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Switching frequency: 200 cycles/min
Switching accuracy: ±5% of the pressure settled to 20°C
Operating point: Adjustable through an external screw
Fixed hysteresis value: Membrane execution ~10% of the end of scale / Piston execution ~15% of the end of scale
Weight: 0.06 Kg
Mechanical life: 106 cycles at 70 bar (1000 PSI) at 20°C

Electrical Features

Maximum load: 2 Ampere at 48 volt AC / 1 Ampere at 48 volt DC
Electric protection according to DIN 40050: IP54 with P1 rubber cap protection

This range of pressure switch will be supplied with normally open contacts unless otherwise specified

Also Available

K4X with fluid connection port made in AISI 316 stainless steel
K4L body in brass
Seals in Viton, EPDM, PTFE

Please note: The K4 series pressure switches are brought in to order (typically 4 working weeks delivery) if lead time is an issue, the F4 series switches may be a suitable alternative.
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