50°C TM6 Fix Set Switching Thermostat (200 Bar Max) Normally Closed Contacts, 1/2" BSPP Male Thread PRODUCT CODE - TM65C1

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Product Description

TM6 Series Mono Contact Bimetallic Thermostat from Hydraulic Megastore
TM6 temperature switches permit opening or closing of an electric circuit in order to reach a fixed temperature value.

Technical Features

Body: Brass
Connection: 1/2″ BSP Male (3/8″ BSP on request)
Mounting: Any orientation
Temperature range: -20° to +120°C
Frequency: 20 cycles/min
Accuracy: ±3.5°C
Fixed Hysteresis: 12°C
Weight: 0.17 Kg

Electrical Features

Electrical connecton: M2 (DIN Plug) DIN 43650
Weatherproof rating: IP65
Max contact load: 220V (10A) 120V (15A)
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